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By Clicking SUBMIT you agree to the following; General Liability Waiver: Use of Shore Shot Shooting Simulator, the premises, and/or its services may involve risk of injury. In consideration for your participation and/or observation of the activities you fully understand & voluntarily agree to assume, and therefore expressly do assume, any and all risks of injury or death to yourself or others and as caused by yourself or others and waive any and all claims of liability therefore as against Shore Shot Shooting Simulator or any of its affiliates. You agree to hold  Shore Shot Shooting Simulator harmless from any damages related to any such injuries (whether to yourself or others, including physical injury, mental pain and anguish, attorneys' fees, property damage, loss of property, economic damages, and any other legally compensable damages whether caused by you or others and whether suffered by you or others). Consent of General Communication: You agree to receive text SMS and email communications from Shore Shot Shooting Simulator.

By Clicking SUBMIT you agree to all the terms and clauses above. 

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