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About Us

Empowerment Through Education

Shore Shot Firearms Simulator Range is the first simulated live-fire facility of its kind in San Diego County. Our immersive shooting range offers gun and shooting enthusiasts an opportunity to learn and fine-tune skills in a supportive environment that removes the obstacles associated with traditional gun ranges. Prior to opening Shore Shot, our Founder Phil Hughey founded Nanpor Security Academy and has helped countless individuals achieve their career, personal defense training and life dreams.

With the inclusion of Shore Shot, we continue to be committed to providing excellent source to practice, educate, train and provide resources so that our students will thrive in today’s changing world. With flexible program options, training times and great instructors, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your education (and fun) at Shore Shot Firearms Simulator.

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Our Background

Choosing Success

In an ever-changing world, finding the right place for credible firearms training might seem like an impossible task.

At Shore Shot Firearms Simulator & Immersive Shooting Range, you'll

Experience The Difference as we’re committed to providing the highest quality of  education through credible leadership, innovative technology and unique programs founded on proven training methods.

Our program is flexible and our teachers are the best in their field.

So, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, learn new skills or just make new friends & have some fun shooting - get in touch today.

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Phillip Hughey

Meet the Founder

As the founder of Shore Shot Firearms Simulator and Immersive Firearms Range, Phillip Hughey brings a wide variety of expertise to his new business venture. He is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and desperately wants to teach his community the importance of proper firearms safety and responsible gun ownership.

Phillip Hughey is the CEO, Director of Operations and  Chief Training Instructor of Nanpor Security Academy. He is a retired 21-year US Marine Corps Veteran

As an NRA and California Bureau of Security and CCW Instructor he takes gun safety very seriously. It has always been his goal to create a safe and judgment-free facility where individuals of all skill levels could learn about responsible gun ownership and the basics of handling a gun.

Benefits of Training with Shore Shot

Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to help grow skills, accuracy and confidence in various realistic scenarios and challenges. Visitors can compete against friends for top scores, engage in tactical, real-world training, or learn the basics of shooting a gun for the first time. It continues to be our goal to offer a facility that caters to every experience level.
We invite you to try out our technology and see for yourself that shooting can be a great way to build confidence, grow relevant skills, and have fun while doing it!

Benefits of an immersive and virtual shooting range include: 

  • No live-fire means a safe environment for all age groups

  • No expensive set-up and maintenance

  • Interactive, dynamic, and challenging targets that appeal to all

  • Unlimited training opportunities to expand on traditional live-fire range experience

  • No ammo needed, and the perfect temperature year-round

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